Aluminum Alloy Ingot Production Through The Process Of Recycling

Published: 24th August 2011
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Aluminum is one of the few infinitely recyclable materials available today. Infinite recyclability means that aluminum can be re-used over and over without the loss of quality every time it is processed. The benefits of being infinitely recyclable makes it firstly environmentally friendly in a way that more aluminum does not need to be mined and secondly that it is more profitable to because it is cheaper to recycle aluminum than to manufacture fresh new aluminum.

Aluminumís main use lies in the food industry in the form of cans for beverages and food items, the aviation industry and is gradually finding more applications in the automotive and electronics industries because of its environmentally friendly nature.

It is a known fact that recycled aluminum only takes about 5 percent of the energy it takes to deliver fresh pure aluminum through the process of mining. The aluminum scrap in Dubai is first obtained from the various scrap yards that gather it. Later it is segregated in to different categories namely irony aluminum and clean aluminum. Irony aluminum refers to parts such as engine blocks which contain iron or steel parts in them. Clean aluminum mainly refers to aluminum that is not coated or does not contain any iron or steel parts in them. Processors then need to find out what type of scrap needs to be used depending on what quality they want in the final product. The scrap selected is then charged through the reverberatory furnace and melted down into a bath of molten metal. A sample from this bath is then tested with spectroscopy and then the engineer determines how the lot can be improved in terms of adding certain chemicals to get the desired quality. After the right chemical combination is determined the final batch is made available in the furnace, and then tapped and poured right into ingot moulds. Once cooled down, they are later stacked up and sold as per the requirements.

The Lucky Group is a scrap metal recycling company in Dubai who cares about the environment. Its scrap aluminum recycling facilities in Dubai, UAE are modern and technologically advanced, built to deliver high grade aluminum alloy to various manufacturers the world over.

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